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The Crystal Chosen

by Tanithm, 1336 days ago

The Crystal Chosen has now officially disbanded, this is a formal announcement to say this place is now for old members to come and reminisce and still keep in touch with each other if they so wish. It has been a pleasure to spend time with everyone that has been in this guild and it will always remain a warm and happy memory of a lovely WoW family.

Faena Diamondwing

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Working Better as a Team

by Zarismia, 2187 days ago

Well Done Everyone!!!

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(and a special Thank You goes to Conri for the last profession... it was a real grind!)

Enjoy your heirloom legs!

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The Future of The Crystal Chosen

by Zarismia, 2191 days ago

As promised, following our meeting on the 18th December, here is a link to a topic with notes of our meeting.

Please take the time to read this and post your comments, if you can.


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Happy Winters Veil!

by Martris Lomax, 2193 days ago

From Everyone In The Crystal Chosen Wishing You Very Happy Winter's Veil!

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The Future of The Crystal Chosen

by Zarismia, 2198 days ago

Greetings My Dears,

As some of you may already know, I have been asked by Master Martris to guide The Crystal Chosen for the time being, while he is spending time in his homeland of Gilneas.

I consider the responsibility of leading The Crystal Chosen a great honour and I shall strive to build on leadership Master Martis has shown during his stewardship.

While I am new to the role, I would like to invite any interested members to a meeting on the evening of the 18th of December, in the Stormwind Cathedral gardens, where I would very much like to discuss your ideas for the future of The Crystal Chosen. This way, I will have the best idea of where to focus my efforts.

Should anyone be unable to attend but would otherwise like to make their views known, please post your ideas here

I hope to see as many of you on the 18th at possible.

My Very Best Wishes,

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Level 25

by Martris Lomax, 2298 days ago

Has been a long time coming but we are finally level 25 congratulations guys and girls and thanks to all of you for contributing!!

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Deathwing says

by Martris Lomax, 2521 days ago

Deathwing would like to say "Sun nien fai lok" hope everyone has a good year of the Dragon!

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A New Guardian Walks Among Us

by Martris Lomax, 2538 days ago

This evening it was a great and true pleasure to promote Darvan Fox to become our latest Guardian within The Crystal Chosen. I am sure I speak for all when I say it is a well deserved if not slightly over due appointment.

Martris Lomax

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Happy Winter Veil and a Happy new year!

by Martris Lomax, 2558 days ago

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From Left to Right: Linksy, Slannesh, Clairé, Martris, Zarismia, Josina and Modreduk

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Happy Hallows End

by Martris Lomax, 2605 days ago

From everyone at The Crystal Chosen. Wishing you all a happy Halloween and Hallows End!

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About The Crystal Chosen

The Crystal Chosen


A crystal followed the Exodar to Azeroth and landed in Darkshore near Auberdine. A Night Elf Priestess called Lovelorn and a Human Mage called Orville were near when it landed, they heard the crash of the crystal hitting the ground and went to investigate. As they came near the crystal they received a mental call which led them to it. It could communicate directly with their minds, it seemed to want something and Lovelorn soon realised they needed the advice of a greater power.

Lovelorn and Orville went to see Onu, an Ancient of Lore known as the Oracle Tree. Onu told them that to help the Crystal they would need to remove the taint that was in the forests of Darkshore and Felwood. This was the same taint it had fled from when it followed the Exodar to leave Draenor; the taint caused by the Burning Legion and its minions.

To fight the Legion, they realised they needed to unify all against the Legion and so they founded the guild - The Crystal Chosen.

As a member of The Crystal Chosen you will be prepared to help others and to make the worlds better places for all races.


The Rules of The Crystal Chosen

1. Have Fun

2. We help each other, if a guild member needs help we all do our best to aid them.

3. Guildchat is In Character, that means no short words or smilies.

4. In guild we give, we don't sell.

5. Begging in and out of guild is forbidden!

6. PvP Battlegrounds and the Arena - Where you can fight the horde.

You may travel with PvP on full-time, but please take it off in instances.

7. PvP Raids - Facing the Horde outside Battlegrounds and the Arena can be fun for some and you can do this with no problem.

But: Do not kill Vendors and Quest givers even by accident, if you do and horde members complain to us or GMs talk to us about complaints then the people named in the event will be kicked out of the Guild. There will be no first warning, you will be kicked out and not invited back.

We are medium RP guild and we keep Guild-chat IC, with a separate OOC channel. There is also a channel for talking to Allied Guilds - please join these - see the Guild Information in game to join these channels.

The Crystal Chosen was created on 10th July 2007

Guild Summary